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My Social Naija is a website that is dedicated to fostering unity of Nigerians from all walks of life in the social media environment. We have a long history of providing up to date news, information and tutorials to Nigerians both home and abroad looking for any particular information of their choice as regards to their daily needs that they can adopt from the social media into everyday use.

We have been working hard over the years to ensure that we bring you quality information and content deliveries that will help you gain knowledgeable understanding of the societal scope of Nigeria and also help you plan your life accordingly.

As part of our mission to live up to our name “My Social Naija”, we have built in tools to help Nigerians post any information that interests them to our website which already have vast presence across most of the social media platforms used by Nigerians and of course we regulate and censor contents that are deemed to be be harmful and derogatory to other people.

We aim to build an online social media discussion forum where almost any societal topic can be discussed and any question can be posted in search for answers.

Although we are still quite young about two years old, but we are working harder to make sure that the “My Social Naija” brand becomes a household name all across the continent of Africa.

We are dedicated to good governance, mature discuss and thought provoking conversations. It is our dream that we will be able to continue meeting all your social media and internet related news for as long we have air in our lungs.

Thank you for using My Social Naija!

Ayo Adeyemi
Creative Head & Editor

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