Where are the protester generals of Nigeria?

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Prof. Wole Soyinka, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Rev Father Mbaka. Never knew you guys could be so silent like this. You used to be talkatives 
What happened to that blazing furnace inside your guts? 

What happened to your zeal to free the common man from the oppressions of bad governance?

You shouted and beat your fists on your chests demanding for a more sunnier Nigeria when she was sunny and now that Nigeria is in her rainy days we ain’t hearing anything.

Is it that the thought of sleeping on cold floors behind heavy iron bars was what got to you? 

Or the fear of ending up like Nnamdi Kanu in Kuje prison was what held your horses?

I don’t want to believe you are all like the proverbial rat that runs the show but slide into hiding when the cat shows up!

Yes I know you all have good lives, living comfortable in your rosy mansions and you dread the thought of been away from your beds for many months on end!

But wait a minute, is it that you guys  intentionally launched the “Save Nigeria Group” solely for profiteering purposes only? 

Of course GEJ will invite you guys to Aso Rock for dialogues and hand you guys bundles of dollar bills as transport fare when leaving.

But…President Muhamadu Buhari? The only handouts you’ll get for daring to challenge him are cold, dark and lonely rooms with twin chains on your wrists. That must be bad business of course.

So does that now mean that you 3 musketeers intentionally and repeatedly capitalized on the ignorance of the half baked Nigeria literate folks for your glory and profits alone?

And it’s not a risk worth taking at this present time in Nigeria?

You guys want to know what I think?

….I think you guys must have received some visits from men in the cloak and dagger business of Nigeria’s intelligence community 

…..I think you are too scared of going into exile not when the dollar is too high up against the naira because all your business interests are vested in naira.

Reverend Father Mbaka, what has happened to your prophesying tongue, I know it hasn’t been cut off. And those tears I always see on AIT yes those tears, are their fountains all dried up now?

Pastor Tunde Bakare, man of God in politics. Even laymen christians knows you can’t serve God and serve Mammon. I’ve been wondering why I’ve not been hearing you insulting the president of Nigeria through your viperous sermons lately. What has happened to that fire inside you?

Professor Wole Soyinka, at least we have some rest now from your many dictions and nail to the coffin pointers you are well known for constantly throwing out during the Goodluck Jonathan era. It will be too much stress for us to handle when we have to cope with our stomach in this season of “four years of famine, drought and hunger” that we’ve dragged ourselves into. So thank you for shutting your trap sir and thank God that you’ve not yet torn your green card.

Come to think of it, you guys should be held responsible for the calamities we are in now. For it was your voices of dissension in the time of GEJ that brought us into the era of Buhari!

….I think you guys are all fake!

Please next time, you guys should not start what you can’t finish! Because it’s obviously clear to us that though Nigeria may be worth a few naira notes to you, Nigerians are worthless.

…the silence is chilling ehn!

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