Fulani Herdsmen: Is Buhari their Sponsor?

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The recent increase in killings by Fulani herdsmen since president Mohammadu Buhari ascended into the highest office in the country in 2015 is alarming. Hardly will a month go by without the media breaking different news of the wanton destruction of lives and properties by these hoodlums popularly known as Fulani herdsmen.

It is now easy for them to carry out their devilish agenda without fear of been apprehended by the security Agencies in the land. What is more mind bugling is the fact that our various security and intelligence outfits can’t seem to pinpoint the location of these cold blooded murderers and who they are but it is much more easy for them to trace invisible money until they recover it.

It is such a big disappointment that the atrocities of these devious Fulani herdsmen has been allowed to continue unabated due to the body language of the president of Nigeria which seems to suggest that he is in support of what they are doing.

It is shamefully pathetic that decisive actions taken so far on the matter are coming from state governors and their commissioners while the federal government with all the power, might and resources at its disposal has decided to act indifferently to a matter that poses serious national security threat to the country.

I don’t want to believe that our once beloved president who is now becoming infamous by the day is sympathetic to the heinous crimes of the devious Fulani herdsmen.

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