GEJ: What Were Jonathan’s Achievement In The Niger Delta In 6 Years

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GEJ Achieved Far More than President Muhammadu Buhari During his One Year in Office

The current president of Nigeria; President Muhammadu Buhari has been heavily criticised from many quarters in Nigeria after his democracy day speech in which he reeled out his achievements in one year in office. Millions of Nigerians have trooped out to counter the President’s achievements by comparing them to the achievements of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s (GEJ) one year in office. Below are GEJ’s achievements when he clocked one year in office as Nigeria’s president:


1. Nigeria’s oil industry expanded by 20% and we reclaimed our position as Africa’s largest oil exporter which we’d hitherto lost to Angola.

2. Recognized by OPEC in July as the 2nd largest oil exporter 2nd only to Saudi Arabia. It is the first time Nigeria has recorded such a feat.

3. Inflation rate has been reducing as the administration enforces tighter fiscal policies.

4. In June the Consumer Price Index showed inflation rate of 10.2% which dropped to 9.4% in July being the lowest rate in the last 4 years.

5. Foreign Reserves rises by 10% to $35 billion.

6. Nigeria’s GDP growth rate month over month has continued to grow from 6.7% in May to 6.9% in July of 2011.

7. Nigeria declared top three investment destinations in Africa (number 2) by the independent Africa Business Panel in the Netherlands.

8. Nigeria now generates power at her highest level ever (4000mw) which is still far from enough but which will improve monthly.

9. Nigerian Railway Corporation commenced Mass Transit Services in 5 of 6 geo-political zones. Last zone will come on stream by year’s end.

10. With establishment of the NSIA, president facilitates direct investments into infrastructure with priority areas being power and roads.

11. The federal government also awarded contracts for various road projects across the country whose impact will soon be felt nationwide.

12. Launch of NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X satellites to expand Internet Bandwidth and provide early warning to prevent natural disasters.

13. President introduced the policy of engaging the private sector on kerosine pricing and price reduced between May and September, 2011.

14. Recognizing the sacrifices of youth corps members, president approved upward review of allowances from 9,700 to 19,800 naira.

15. Implementation of minimum wage increase for Nigerian workers to 18,900 naira monthly.

16. 35% slot for women in the cabinet.

17. Deepening security and expanding peace in the Niger Delta.

18. Reduced kidnapping in South East with implementation of president’s order establishing the 14 brigade of the army in Ohafia, Abia state.

19. Maritime safety has been ensured and stabilized in the last 100 days.

20. A stellar cabinet comprising former MDs of the World Bank & Goldman Sachs, Chairperson Accenture and multiple PHds.

21. The National automobile council established an Automotive Development Fund to resuscitate the automobile industry and generate jobs. Approval for genuine foreign investors to obtain visas at the point of entry to facilitate FDI investments.

23. Model Skills Training Centers in Abuja – collaboration between Industrial Training Fund & the Institute for Technical Education, Singapore.

24. Establishment of the Nigerian Vehicle Credit Purchase scheme.



DISCLAIMER: All these achievements of former President Goodluck Jonathan were originally listed out by his special assistant on new media Reno Omokiri and they are all listed out in whole without mincing words


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