[RWANDA GENOCIDE] Lessons Nigerians Should Learn

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22 years ago, a massive crises broke out between the Hutus and the Tutsis in Rwanda. About a million people (mostly tutsis) lost their lives over the course of 9 months. Sadly, this happened in a country where they speak only one language and have only one culture but the unity in tongue and culture was not enough to stop them from descending on each other.

Nigerians are currently playing with the helms of fire, our selfish politicians have been able to divide us by seeing our brothers from other regions of the country as enemies and possible suspects. The inferno is gradually rising to its destructive tempo, if allowed to continue unchecked, we might soon have to looking over our shoulders while walking on the streets.

Unity is our watchword in Nigeria and we must do all that is possible to ensure that our unity is not threatened by our diversity.

The International Community called the Rwanda crises many names; some call it Genocide, others, Massacre and others Crimes Against Humanity but I Ayo Adeyemi call it brothers turning on brothers.

Let us remember the Rwandan story so that we won’t miss our paths. LESSON FOR ALL

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